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Wanna show someone you love them or you're thinking about them..? What better way than to personalize your own plushie and give it to them! In stock right now (while supplies last) just in time for Easter or any event - Bunny plushies! 


These soft plush bunnies, which are laying down for some snuggles, come in four different colors: white, grey, pink, and tan!  Made with polyester fibers and for ages 3+. 


NOTE: The colorful "Easter" font used would show greatest on white backgrounds and in this case, the pink bunny with white inner ears is best choice.  The other bunnies have colored inner ears which would make it difficult for the colorful "Easter" font to be used. We recommend using a single, dark color font.  You can still choose to use the colorful "Easter" font but it may not show up as bright due to the color in the bunny's inner ear.


NOTE: Any customizations or alterations made to this product are non-refundable and no exchanges. ALL SALES FINAL.

Some "Bunny" Loves You - Bunny Plush (Laying Down)

Bunny Color
  • - Turn inside out (if possible), hand wash or delicate cycle in COLD water. Hang Dry or lay flat to dry.

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