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Some "Bunny" Loves You!

Some "Bunny" Loves You!

This is part of a program we are starting called, "Some Bunny Loves You!" This is dedicated to the children, who are patients, at the Kharkiv Regional Childrens' Hospital in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Our goal is to send as many plushies to the children at this hospital affected by the war! We are starting our with bunnies in time for this Easter 2022! All proceeds made will go to the pediatrics unit as a donation at the Kharkiv Regional Childrens' Hospital in Ukraine. Once the program is successful, we will continue this endeavor. When the bunnies are no longer available, an announcement will be made on the next plushies chosen to send to the children in Ukraine. 


Product info:

.:All New Material Polyester Fiber

  • Care Instructions: (For image to last)

    Please was in COLD water in DELICATE cycle, tumble dry low or hang dry.

Bunny Plushie
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